AceMQ has built the first FIPS compliant RabbitMQ Broker’s on both Linux and Windows

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive approach 


Our Consultants have seen it all. With years of RabbitMQ product and environment support our engineers our prepared to solve your RabbitMQ challenges.

Consulting & Assessment

Coming equip with extensive experience with a multitude of environments and RabbitMQ installations, our consultants can ensure that your environment is in good health and provide recommendations to reach a best practice state. 

Support Services

We have several support models to fit your needs. 

Our Differentiator & Value

We want to solve our Client’s RabbitMQ challenges and set their future path. 

FIPS Compliant

We are the go to North American Partner for Pivotal RabbitMQ services. 


We strive to bring value to our Clients in each and every one of our engagements

Fast & Responsive

We will work diligently to get you a resolution as quickly as possible

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We do not end an engagement until our Client is completely satisfied with the result.


Production Outages and Issues

Problem Resolution and RCA to determine how to prevent reoccurring issues 

Performance Issues

Comprehensive monitoring and testing to identify performance blockers

    Consulting & Assessment


    Perform a comprehensive assessment of your environment or planned environment including an Architecture, Code, Configuration, and Best Practice Adherence review

    Performance Optimization

    Tune RabbitMQ to meet Client’s Requirements around Sizing, Security, Scale, Setup,Architecture, and Load balancing in accordance with RabbitMQ Best Practices 

    Migrations and Upgrades

    Migrations on to RabbitMQ or off. Current Version Upgrades

    Mentorship and Knowledge Transfer

    Document all findings and recommendations and empower your team to reach future state and maintain and operate your environment

    Support Services

    Comprehensive Support

    A complete customized solution tailored to your environment and business demands. Includes troubleshooting, deployments, and operations and sustainment. Tied to dedicated resources and SLAs

    Commercial Support

    Support of RabbitMQ codebase including custom solutions as well as proprietary patches, fixes, and general support.

    Managed Service

    Managed solution of RabbitMQ environment and services

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    Contact us to speak with one of our MQ Aces.

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